3 Simple Yet Random Tips for your first day Snowboarding

Posted in Ski Tips on Jan 04, 2020

The first time snowboarding can be exciting yet nerve-racking, you will probably be given a whole bunch of obvious advice from people (that always seem to be pros). And as with any advice out there, take it with a grain of salt. Here are three more uncommon things you should/could take note of to help make your first day of snowboarding more fun!

Just before we get started, if your boyfriend or loved one is going to teach you to snowboard (a super common mistake), make sure to check this article first, on reasons not to teach your girlfriend how to ski.

Alright, now that that's out of the way... Let's get started with some random tips for your first day snowboarding! Yeaaaaa boiiii!

1. The Booty Cushion

On your first day of snowboarding, you will fall over. I have no doubt you will fall over and if you tell me that you didn't fall over, firstly I won't believe you and second, you were not trying hard enough.

On day one, you will fall more times than any other day and if you want to snowboard on day two, it's best that you are not in huge pain from your first day. Hence getting the booty cushion.

What is a booty cushion you ask?

Let's break it down 🕺:

  • Booty = buttox/ bum/ pelvis/ gluteus maximus / hiney. There are a thousand words for it. I'm sure you got a few yourself 😉

  • Cushion = soft thing / pillow/ armor/ protection

What comes to your mind when you add these two together?

Exactly!... the booty cushion.

Now there are few ways to implement this.

  1. You could get one of your mom's cushions and stuff it down your pants, maybe use a bit of duct tape. Just remember to keep in mind, that you don't want it slipping all over the place. Getting some solid placement right underneath your cheeks will help a lot👉.

  2. You could purchase some booty armor. Hang on a second, I'm sure there is a better name for it. Let me have a look.

Oh yes... Here we go 'Padded Shorts'

Here's a link for some padded shorts on Amazon.

These are pretty good because they don't flail around much. You may be thinking.

Why would I buy padded shorts for only the first day?🤔

Well, these have quite a bit of reuse value. The more protection you have, the harder you can fall. So if you would consider getting into freestyle snowboarding or just generally want to go faster and harder. Having these shorts will add that extra layer of protection.

If you want to get fully kitted out, Meaning has all the protection. Here is a decent sounding priority list:

Snowboard protection priority list:

  1. Helmet - This is no. 1 priority. If you are not wearing a helmet it's probably best you go back home.

  2. Wrist Guards - Broken wrists are surprisingly common. I don't like wrist guards as they restrict movement and functionality. But I guess I have to put this on the list.

  3. Booty Cushion / Aka 'padded shorts' - You will fall on your booty.

  4. Knee pads - Falling on your knees isn't quite as common, but it's still likely to happen. These are great if you are getting into the rails in the terrain park.

  5. Spine armor. Unnecessary for your first day, maybe take into consideration for cliff jumping and terrain park.

2. Get off the beginner slope and on to a very short green run *with caution

You ever tried to ride a bicycle really slow???🚴

Difficult right?

The slower you go, the more unstable the bike becomes, it's hard to keep up without falling over, it's hard to turn. Yet if you increase the speed by peddling, you increase the stability a whole bunch and you are much less likely to fall.

Guess what...

The same principles apply to when you are snowboarding...

So when you very first start, yes, it's great to start on the beginner/learner slope for the first half of the day. You can practice a whole bunch of basic stuff like strapping in, balancing, skating with one foot. But when it comes to moving and turning, it can become incredibly difficult on some, I repeat some*** of the learning slopes out there, due to the lack of speed and angle.


Let me be clear. Some learning slopes are perfect already for learning turns and speed control and it's completely unnecessary to move to your first green run. There is quite a fine line of what's going to be best for you, and I do not advise you to go up by yourself thinking it's all g.

The transition from beginner/learner slope to your first green slope is quite extreme. As you will need to know a whole lot more about the mountain, lifts and what exactly you are getting yourself into. Make sure to go up with someone, that is not only experienced but can also guide you through the procedure of getting on and of the lift. As well as explain the mountain rules/ etiquette. And of course, help you navigate down the slope.

Every mountain and situation is different from the next. But if you feel like you aren't learning here are some actions and benefits to take into consideration when moving up to the next point.

Benefits and tips for getting on a slightly steeper slope.

Going to a steeper slope is scary. You will have to take a different style of lift up and then you have to go back down

Some quick tips to get on a new lift

  1. Talk to your instructor and ask them to take you up. At least ask someone to help you.
  2. Watch people get on and get off the lift. See how they do it and do your best to imitate them. Think hard a clear about it before you get on. You can always ask someone to help you, don't feel embarrassed or let your ego override.
  3. Don't have any loose threads on you. Anything loose can fall or tangled. On a mechanical lift, this could turn into a nightmare. Make sure you don't have anything hanging to catch on anything else.

Being on a slightly steeper slope than the beginner has some major advantages.

Steep Slope Benefits

  • You can control your speed a lot more as you have more variety.
  • you can navigate left or right more easily, enabling you to avoid any obstacles.
  • You can learn how to snowboard in a shorter amount of time because you are enabled with the possibility of more control and stability

Once you master your green slopes, this will make more sense to you. Until then good luck and be cool

Remember if, in doubt, you can always bail out (fall over on purpose).

Some Quick Mountain Safety Notes

  • When you stop on the mountain, make sure you are in view of other people and not hiding over a dip crouched down. It's much better to stop in a clear flat section before the slope increases into a steeper angle. It's also much better to be placed to the side of the trail.
  • Look out for others. Before stopping check your peripheral vision.

3. Be cool

But I'm already snowboarding, how can I be more cool?

Good question!...

What I mean is... don't get too frustrated. Remain cool-headed. Watch some of the other better snowboarders go past. Sure they are going much faster, but realistically they are relaxed in a flow-like mind state. They aren't frustrated, they are having fun. Everyone has their first-day snowboarding, and everybody started at the same level.

Enjoy the first day, enjoy the beginner slopes, enjoy falling over.

Posted in Ski Tips on Jan 04, 2020


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